Bridport Timber are specialists in the installation of high end solid and engineered wood flooring. We use our own highly skilled carpenters, fully equipped with the specialist tools necessary to ensure your timber floor is fitted exactly as it should be. With a wide range of boards and finishes available, a great first step is to come and visit us in our showroom so we can show you what we do and find the perfect new floor for you.

Engineered flooring boards are timber boards which consist of multiple layers. Combining several layers of wood with the grain running in different directions greatly increases the stability of the board through changes in temperature and humidity. The thickest top layer of an engineered board (the wear layer) is usually a hard wearing wood such as oak and is usually 2mm to 6mm in thickness. The thicker the wear layer the more times a board can be sanded and refinished over the years. The thickest wear layers offer a lifespan similar to a solid board. Knot holes are filled with resin to provide a smooth even surface to the board.

Solid flooring boards are timber boards manufactured from a single piece of timber. The grain runs naturally through the  board and can be affected by changes in temperature and humidity. Sometimes ‘stretcher’ grooves are machined into the reverse of the board to encourage the board to remain flat. Solid boards often contain more dramatic features such as knot holes and can have greater rustic character than an engineered board.

Boards can be divided into two broad categories: unfinished and pre-finished. An unfinished board is supplied and fitted as bare timber, it has no finish applied on the surface of the wood. Once installed, an unfinished floor is finished in-situ to meet our client’s requirements using either oils, a laquer or other finish. We recommend the Osmo and Bona product ranges which give outstanding results. Using the tinted oils in the Osmo range it is possible to achieve many different results, both in tone and sheen level, to suit our clients bespoke needs. The photograph (left) shows how different oils can transform a board’s appearance. Over the years, it can be easier to preserve and repair the finish of such floors as the products used are readily obtained and applied.

Pre-finished boards are those which have a finish applied as part of their manufacturing process.  These finishes are often more involved or dramatic than might be possible to achieve a clients home, for example by smoking the board or creating a textured surface. The complexity of the finish may also make maintenance or repair more challenging. Pre-finished boards are available in a myriad of styles and finishes, so there will always be something to suit a client’s aspirations.