Key Colours for 2015

Key Colours for 2015


The use of Light Blue in the home is intended to create an interior where colours shift and change like the landscape. We instinctively gravitate towards colours that remind us of the softer side of life to make our homes into an oasis of calm away from the brashness of modern life.

To create an almost transparent interior, contrast the colour’s silvery, smoky qualities with the unexpectedly cool grey Dimpse, a colour inspired by the tones of twilight.

Create a feeling of relaxed movement by adding an accent of Lamp Room Gray on the floor, feature wall or furniture, and Blackened on the ceiling.


Light Blue 22 Dimpse No.277 Lamp Room Gray 88 Blackened 2011

Light Blue No.22

Dimpse No.277

Lamp Room Gray No.88

Blackened No. 2011


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1 June, 2015

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