Bedroom in Green Blue No.84 & All White No.2005 | Estate Emulsion

When it comes to choosing white it’s really important to choose a white that complements the other colours in the scheme to prevent them from jarring. Each of F&B’s whites have different undertones making them more suited to different colours.

Whites like Great White and Dimity, for example, have red undertones so pair beautifully with pinks and reds like Calamine and Rectory Red. Cabbage White has fresh blue undertones so it’s the perfect white to use with other blues. James White is the ideal partner to greens as it has soft green undertones that will create a cohesive look. While Pointing, with its soft creamy undertones works beautifully with yellows like House White and Dayroom Yellow.

These unique undertones also mean you can use these whites as colours in their own right when paired with All White which contains no pigment except white. Blackened will read as a cool grey when paired with All White, and similarly the pink tones of Great White are emphasised.



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7 July, 2015

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