The Victorian era stretched for over fifty years and over this period decorating styles changed and evolved. It was also a great era of change in the home as mass production of items meant that homes could upgrade much more easily and there was a great range of architectural styles.


Dimity 2008 Calluna 270 Great White 2006

The Victorian era was largely dominated by stronger shades, but for an early Victorian look choose lighter pinks like Dimity and Calluna along with iridescent whites such as Great White.


Parma Gray 27 Saxon Green 80 Citron 74 Cinder Rose 246 Green Smoke 47

The classic Victorian palette includes crisp blues like Parma Gray, rich greens like Saxon Green and solar yellows such as Citron. However by the end of the century colours became more muted and soft again best represented by Cinder Rose and Green Smoke.


silvergate 852.web orangerie 2520.web versailles 2619.web

Wallpaper was increasingly popular in the Victorian era, and was dominated by damasks and large floral, bird and animal motifs best reflected in ‘Silvergate’, ‘Orangerie’ and ‘Versailles’. The background colours to these papers would have been fairly drab in the main, like ‘French Gray’ or ‘London Stone’.


Joa's White 226 Archive 227

Ornate plasterwork was used on ceilings, roses and cornices usually coloured in warm neutrals like ‘Joa’s White’ No. 226 or ‘Archive’ No. 227 for a rich sumptuous look.


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28 April, 2015

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