Different Styles of Decorating – Dark and Dramatic

Different Styles of Decorating – Dark and Dramatic

Dining Room in Down Pipe No.26 & Arsenic No.214 | Estate Emulsion & Estate Eggshell


There has been a growing trend towards using strong tones like Down Pipe, Plummet and Pelt on all four walls to create a very bold dark space in the home. Dark colours work especially well with bright fabrics, furnishings and art works as they will really pop against the darker background. You can also paint furniture in a bolder tone like Yellowcake, Arsenic or Nancy’s Blushes for a bright accent.


Down Pipe 26 Arsenic 214 Yellowcake No.279 Nancy's Blushes No.278

Down Pipe No. 26, Arsenic No. 214, Yellowcake No. 279, Nancy’s Blushes No. 278


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25 June, 2015

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