Children’s Bedroom in Lulworth Blue No.89, Red Earth No.64, Mouse’s Back No.40 and Wimborne White No.239 | Modern Emulsion


Children’s playrooms and dens are great places to be bold and have fun with colour. Accents of bright colours like Rectory Red, Red Earth, Yellowcake, Cook’s Blue and Arsenic are a brilliant way to add vibrancy to a room and create pops of colour. Alternatively, moodier tones like Down Pipe, Railings or Pelt will create a striking backdrop with a contemporary edge in a teenage bedroom.



Children’s Bedroom in Stiffkey Blue No.281, Blackened No.2011 and Blazer No.212 | Modern Emulsion



Children’s Bedroom in Lamp Room Gray No.88, Blackened No.2011 and Pelt No.254 | Modern Emulsion


From nurseries to teenage hideaways, the key is to choose colours and patterns that can be easily adapted and updated for a new look, as and when tastes change. For example, if you have a little girl who is determined that only pink will do, but you know she may well grow out of the ‘pink phase’, why not compromise by using a neutral colour like Great White on the walls and ceilings and painting the door, woodwork and accessories in Cinder Rose?
Children’s rooms are a great place to be creative and combine colours in new ways. Try painting freehand onto the wall or use masking tape to create stripes and patterns.



Children’s Bedroom walls in Dayroom Yellow No.233, unit in Lulworth Blue No.89, Cinder Rose No.246, Breakfast Room Green No.81 and Blazer No.279 | Modern Emulsion & Estate Eggshell



Children’s Bedroom in wall in Blackened No.2011 and target in Cook’s Blue No.237, Dayroom Yellow No.233 and Incarnadine No.248 | Modern Emulsion


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14 May, 2015

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