Bench in Chappell Green No.83 and Green Smoke No.47 & pots in various colours | Exterior Eggshell


You can create fabulous schemes outside your home and in the garden with Farrow & Ball colours. When it comes to choosing colour, there are no rights or wrongs, but do think about some of these factors:

• The aspect of your property and surrounding area.

• Consider the period of your property and the style and colour of neighbouring buildings; in particular, whether you wish to create a complementary or contrasting scheme.

• Look for dominant features like brickwork, natural wood and expanses of other colours such as paved or gravelled areas, lawns, fencing, shrubs and even flowers – all of which can affect colour choice.


exterior-3 exterior-4

Door in Drawing Room Blue No.253 | Exterior Eggshell

House in Off-Black No.57 and door in Blue Ground No.210 | Exterior Eggshell


• When decorating outside, you can usually go a shade or two darker than you would inside because you mostly see exterior colours in daylight. If you are considering using Slipper Satin try Off-White, or Pigeon instead of French Gray.

• To create a flow between the interior of your home and the exterior, use the same colour outside on a garden wall or a piece of furniture to help connect the two spaces together.

• To make a feature of your entrance, paint your front door and frame in one colour to help make it look bigger and more imposing.

• Layer colours outside just as you would inside to create added interest. Try using a mixture of colours on garden furniture such as Mizzle on chairs, with a table top painted in Old White and table legs in Mouse’s Back.


exterior-10 exterior-1

Door and window in Railings No.31 | Exterior Eggshell

Window frames in Stone Blue No. 86, chairs, from left: Churlish Green No. 251, Parma Grey No. 27 and Calluna No. 270, birdcage: Charlotte’s Locks No. 268 | Exterior Eggshell


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18 May, 2015

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