Bathroom in Brinjal No.222 | Modern Emulsion


Small bathrooms are often painted white or light colours in the hope that this will make them appear bigger and brighter. This can work, however it can also create a dull room with little character, instead paint bathrooms in stronger colours and create a truly unique and glamorous space.

Bathrooms and downstairs toilets with little natural light offer the perfect opportunity to add bold colour without committing to larger, more lived-in rooms in the home. Using strong warm colours, such as Brinjal, Stone Blue or Plummett, will help to create a dramatic yet intimate space. You could even use bold wallpapers like Lotus or Orangerie to the same effect.


bath-2 bath-4

Bathroom in Lotus | BP 2019

Bathroom in Stone Blue No. 86 & Bath in Rectory Red No. 217 | Modern Emulsion & Estate Eggshell


For a relaxing bathroom, try using Purbeck Stone. It’s a strong neutral – neither too grey to be edgy and uncomfortable, nor too creamy to feel dated. Combine with two lighter shades, Ammonite and Cornforth White, to create a relaxed and contemporary colour combination.

A popular idea is to paint the underside of a freestanding bath in stronger shades like Pelt or Rectory Red to add a pop colour to off-white bathrooms.


bath-3 bath-1

Bathroom in Pointing No.2003 & Blue Gray No.91 | Modern Emulsion & Estate Eggshell

Bathroom in White Tie No.2002, Bath in Pelt No.254 and Floor in Cornforth White No.228 | Modern Emulsion, Estate Eggshell & Floor Paint


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10 May, 2015

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